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A lexander was born in Odessa in 1954. He definitely inherited his keen intuition and restless spirit longing to pierce into the deepest secrets of the art from his father – an extraordinary actor and one of the most beloved students of the legendary Solomon Mikhoels. From his mother, who was an engineer, the doctor got his earnestness, ability to work meticulously on the basis of facts and an exceptional, even sacrificial, devotion.
In 1976, Alexander graduated from Odessa Institute of Medicine. In 1977, he accomplished his residency in pediatric neuropsychiatry. Already in his student years, Alexander took interest in medicinal herbs, yoga, hydrotherapy, remedial fasting, and acupuncture (he took a special course on Chinese acupuncture in the Odessa Neuropsychiatric Clinic). After finishing his graduate and residency studies, Alexander became Head of Needle Therapy and Reflexology Service at the Odessa Academic Outpatient Clinic in 7 Gamarnika St. (the clinic provided services to 5 major higher educational establishments in the city).
The doctor has never cut corners. His taste for adventure, desire to seize the unseizable and search for the best healing practices drove him from thesis-writing to the thick of traditional medicine. During the 8 years that he spent in a rural hospital in Berezhtsy village, Kremenetsky district, Ternopol region, Dr. Kantor studied chiropractic methods (taught by the Head of Chiropractic Department of Zaporozhe Institute of Postgraduate Medical Training Professor Klimenko), homeopathy (at the Homeopathy School of Tatiana and Demyan Popov in the Kiev Institute of Postgraduate Medical Training), medical psychology and psychotherapy (taught by Senior Lecturer Dr. Mirovsky at the Kharkov Institute of Postgraduate Medical Training).
It was during those years that during vacations (unpaid, if necessary) the country doctor went to various healers and “bonesetters”. From a disappearing generation of folk healers who inherited the sacred knowledge from their ancestors, he learned to cure stomach pains, headaches and tumors. The doctor understood that treasures of centuries-old experience in its authentic form lie in abandoned rural areas and that in 20 -30 years there will be no one left to learn it from… And now, while gently setting and adjusting the spine of another patient, he recalls thankfully: “I was taught this by an old man in a far-away village.” Meanwhile, between these “study courses” there was still work in the in-patient facility, night calls to villages, neurology, internal diseases, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology – all in one set…

The doctor’s return to Odessa was not for long – in 1992, he boarded a ship to Haifa. A new page of a rich biography was opened.
Since the first months in Israel, he started working as a homeopath at a private clinic. At the same time, he went all the way in order to confirm his right to practice as a conventional medical doctor, received additional training at the Jerusalem Shaare Tzedek hospital followed by exams, first for a temporary, and then for a permanent Israeli medical license, thus confirming his specialization in Israel (General Practitioner).
During all that time, Dr. Kantor did not stop consulting and treating patients. He worked for seven years in Meirav network of Maccabi Healthcare Services perfecting the methods of acupuncture and homeopathy. His practice as a chiropractor eventually brought him to osteopathy and craniosacral therapy.
The experience that he accumulated over the years led to the development of his own unique methods. At the All-Israel Conference of Homeopaths dedicated to Hahnemann’s anniversary, Dr. Kantor delivered a lecture titled Homeopathy in the System of Holistic Approaches (a Map of Miasmas). A surge of interest among his colleagues was sparked by a lecture that he presented at the International Conference on Advanced Technologies in Rehabilitation Medicine in Jerusalem. Alexander was invited as a speaker to the London Faculty of Homeopathy in Moscow.
Studies, practice, observations and deliberations resulted in a blend of various approaches and methods applied in a specific form to every patient.
For the past eight years, Dr. Kantor has been in private practice.
What diseases does he cure? A curious response: “Any – in those patients to whom an individual key can be found.”

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