The ultimate goal of a doctor is not to propagandize brand-new methods but to keep you healthy. In Dr. Kantor’s Clinic you will be offered an individual treatment tailored precisely to the condition of your body and soul.

Apart from the vast amount of knowledge, Dr. Kantor possesses an exceptional professional intuition and ability to see a whole picture of the patient’s problems. This is in spite of today’s trend of narrow medical specialization when a doctor tries to treat some of the patient’s problems not having any idea of what another doctor is curing in the same patient.
A combination of profound knowledge, vast experience, intuition and passion makes Dr. Kantor a truly unique doctor who often solves medical problems that made others fail.

Tatiana Razumovskaya, patient.

Acupuncture (needle therapy)

    a treatment derived from traditional Chinese medicine that has been proven to be extremely effective over thousands of years. Today, it is popular all over the world and covered by health insurance in most leading Western countries.
    The method is based on restoring reflex-arc conduction in the nervous system and so called “energy channels” which is essential in treating almost every disease. For children and highly sensitive patients, not only fine needles but magnets and finger pressing can be applied to the specific points on the body that are connected with all organs and systems. Apart from a healing effect in case of a particular illness, the method has a deep relaxing and anti-depressant impact (due to the secretion of endorphins – so called “happiness hormones”).


    a method of gentle manual impact on tissues of the human body that restores blood supply and lymph circulation as well as adjusts the structure of the musculoskeletal system. This leads to stabilizing neuroendocrine regulation of the whole body, improving, first of all, the functioning of the spine as well as of joints and internal organs.
    In contrast to the old forms of osteopathic treatment, no hard, forceful movements that may be traumatic to the patient are used.
    Osteopathic treatment is exceptionally gentle, has harmonizing effect, improves the general vitality of the body, and has a positive effect upon the brain and spinal cord.


    an ideal pharmacological treatment based on specific, deep and powerful stimulation of the body’s natural defense mechanisms. The method consists of using micro-dosing of phytogenic, mineral and organic (of animal origin) substances processed in a way that significantly enhances the strength of their impact and reduces to zero any toxic or other side effects.
    The method is similar to vaccination against a disease – medicines are prescribed based on the “like cures like” principle, which triggers manifold enhancement of the body’s stamina against a particular disease (or several diseases) that a particular patient is suffering from. The treatment is gentle, pleasant and reliable.